Midseason update: Enhancements to Points of Interest and Evacuation Timing Tools

The HURREVAC team deployed several upgrades and changes on August 15. These enhancements are mainly focused on the integration of Points of Interest with evacuation timing tools.

One general improvement involves the resizing of reports in the right Side Panel. Reports have variable widths, so the panel now automatically expands to show all columns and data.

Timeline Actions

NEW: Timeline actions can be created for a point of interest, rather than a county (or parish) at large. Read the timeline actions page of the HURREVAC user guide for more details (login required).

CHANGE: Increased character limit on Timeline Item Abbreviation from 10 to 20 characters

CHANGE: Time offset is only in relation to the Arrival of Tropical-Storm-Force Winds (34 kt / 39 mph). Previous nonoperational prompts for arrival of strong tropical-storm-force winds (50 kt / 58 mph) and closest approach of the eye were removed. Actions that were previously saved using those factors may still be listed under Saved Timelines, but are not applied elsewhere in the program.

CHANGE: Improved sorting functionality of Saved Timelines list. A Type column was added to distinguish county-based and POI-based actions.

Timing Arcs

NEW: Timing Arcs can be plotted for new POI-based timeline actions. These arcs are drawn from the exact point rather than the geographic center of a county.

CHANGE: Clarified labels on tooltips and legend entries for timing arcs.

Evacuation Timing Report

NEW: POI-based timeline actions are included in the report. Read the evacuation timing report page of the HURREVAC user guide for examples.

CHANGE: Relabeled and reformatted columns for easier interpretation of data. Light blue columns show the relation between Earliest Reasonable TS Wind Onset and Earliest Evac (Action) Start Time data. Blue columns show the relation between Most Likely TS Wind Onset and Latest Evac (Action) Start Time data.

CHANGE: Reformatted text style of rows to distinguish evacuation scenarios (bold) and timeline actions (italic).

CHANGE: By default, report is initially sorted by Earliest Evac (Action) Start Time. All other columns are now sortable.

FIX: Repaired scenarios and actions for Miami-Dade County, Florida. To see correct functionality for Miami-Dade in this report, enter or reenter new scenarios and actions, and delete the old items from your user profile.

Points of Interest

CHANGE: Geocode Search button renamed as Add POI to better reflect its purpose.

CHANGE: Latitude and longitude columns are again displayed by default. These can be hidden by clicking the arrow of any column header, selecting Columns from the list, then unchecking the boxes next to Lat and Lon.

CHANGE: Initial Map Display Level slider expanded so that the widest maximum display can be set to level 4 instead of level 5.

  • Posted by John Boyer
  • On August 15, 2023